Twelve twelve twelve


I'm so excited about today's date! I might be in the minority with my excitement, but it's got me thinking...I'm getting old! The last time that this date existed was a cool 100 years ago..and the next time will be in 100 years! If I live to see this date again, I would be considered one of the oldest people in the world, unless of course technology had changed things and being 129 years old is a norm.

So I'm going back to 1912...the world was very different than it is today. Most of the people born this year are no longer here with us. Those that are should be revered....they have lived a long life thus far! I probably wouldn't have travelled to the United States were this 1912...commercial travel by airplanes wasn't the mode of transportation it is. This blog would be a diary that I would keep in my bedroom...well if I were in Ghana, I don't know if I would even have an education and therefore access to all this, but let's say I was educated...I would be writing down my thoughts on some other medium. There would be no computer, and therefore no internet, no google and definitely no blogspot. The world of fashion was starkly different...unlike in 2012, the point of clothes were to cover up, not show the world the goods, as it is today. The raging wars as we know it were a tad different, though folks are still fighting over ownership and land, the tools used to destroy are quite sophisticated these days.

Wiki has information about what was happening in 1912: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1912

So, as we go about our business on 12/12/2012, what legacy are we leaving for those that will be around for 12/12/2112? I can't imagine what kind of world that it would become especially given where we are going in 2012 with technology. What kind of groundwork are we laying to ensure that our progeny and future will benefit. Will Earth even exist? Or would man, in his quest to protect his own, destroy the world completely? What are our priorities right now as we live? Do we live in love or in total mistrust of "the other people"?

As I have no answers to these thoughts...I'm going to continue in my personal walk...ensuring that the world around me continues to smile, laugh, grow and simply thrive!

Happy 12/12/12!

Half-stepping Diva
P.S. Ok I'm not the only excited about this date...see what others are doing to mark it.